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We are extremely pleased and proud of the OFG Class of 2021’s outstanding HSC results, especially given the tumult of their two year senior study program. Our highest ATAR was achieved by Amy Jones (99.65). In addition to those distinguished achievers gaining marks in the top 10 or 20% of the state, we congratulate all OFG students whose hard work and dedication paid off, rewarding them with marks of which they, and we, are rightly proud. Congratulations to the Class of 2021! Read the HSC results HERE.

Of great interest is the incredible number and variety of university offers made to our cohort. Over 250 university offers have been made to OFG 2021 students in all academic disciplines and departments across a wide range of universities. The high number of university offers bears testament to the calibre of our students and their academic interests, the expertise of our staff and the quality of the teaching program and culture here at OFG. Explore the list of University offers HERE.

While it is appropriate to showcase the academic chops of the school and the students, let us always keep the perspective that our children are much more than test results and statistics. We are proud of our graduates as mature, well-formed and rounded citizens; strong in character, academically aspirational, appropriately skilled and socially competent they can draw upon Christian faith and perspective to pursue excellent opportunities and be confident in life in the future.