Meet our Students

Confident in life

Their interests are wide ranging, their skills are far reaching and their passions are ever evolving. From Kindergarten to Year 12 you will find curious creators, brilliant problem solvers, confident voices and community minded collaborators filling the OFG classrooms and learning how to positively participate in society.

Meet Chloe

Year 1

Inquisitive learner
Fun Friend
Aspiring Vet

Chloe loves learning about the Fruits of the Spirit and helping her friends and classmates. Whether she is playing in the playground or dreaming about becoming a vet, her thoughtful personality shines through everything that she does.

Meet Jack

Year 1

Mathematical Problem Solver
Soccer Superstar
Passionate Pianist

Jack’s energy is contagious, whether he is running with his friends across Southwell Oval or on the soccer field, you’ll feel compelled to join him. He loves a mathematical challenge and learning to play the piano, a wonderful foundation for his educational adventure at OFG.

Meet Anwen

Year 2

Confident Communicator
Inspiring Puppeteer
Entertaining Narrator

You’ll find Anwen entertaining her classmates with puppet performances, inspiring her peers to talk, play and sing along. Her bubbly personality enables her to feel at home in any situation, whether she is presenting a speech to her class or transforming into different characters in drama. No stage is too daunting for this second grader.

Meet Chianne

Year 3

Swimming & Athletic Age Champion
Collaborative Creator
Motivated Mover

Whether Chianne is solving math problems in the classroom or breaking records in the sporting arena, she will always make sure you feel part of the team. Her kind nature and supportive attitude encourages everyone to give it a go and try your best.

Meet Fox

Year 5

Quietly Confident
Drumming Dynamo
Avid Academic

The bigger the academic challenge the better for Fox, he loves the sense of achievement in completing the Camino Program’s toughest extension activities, especially subdivision. Fox’s curiosity is boundless, as he navigates his way across drum sheet music to rock on with the Junior School band. Clothed with a cool confidence, his positive attitude means he is always up for a challenge.

Meet Logan

Year 8

Graceful Dancer
Team Player
Joyful Communicator


On the stage Logan expresses herself beautifully as a lyrical dancer and her considered attitude is ever present as she explores new subjects in the classroom. Dance has built her confidence, focus, collaboration and determination as she develops her identity. Whether she is becoming creative in Art, expressive in English or analytical in Maths, Logan’s desire to find and create joy wherever she goes leaves an indelible impression on everyone she meets.

Meet Sam

Year 10

Learned Linguist
Aspiring Traveller
Academic Excellence Recipient

Sam doesn’t shy away from a challenge, that’s why he is learning two languages; French and Chinese. He is experiencing firsthand how different languages authentically connects him to a variety of interesting people, and opens up a world of opportunities beyond school. When he is not finding new ways to express himself through language, he is crafting quick and deadly moves on the soccer field.

Meet Jeremy

Year 10

Scientific Explorer
Curious Curator
Excellent Effort & Academic Award Recipient

He may be quite in his approach, however Jeremy’s curious and collected demeanor speaks volumes. As a Senior Student in the Camino Program he understands his behaviour and choices can influence our younger students. Curating his knowledge across extension science and maths helps him draw connections between the manipulation of a science experiment and an algebraic expression, his curious nature knows no bounds. Jeremy’s diligent attitude makes him a wonderful role model in the Senior School.

Meet Rommi

Year 11

Meaningful Perspective
Community Minded
Passionate Public Speaker

An excellent wordsmith, Rommi passionately presents and defends a point of view on paper or prose through the exploration of social justice in her favourite subject; Society and Culture. A firm believer in the power of building community through positive relationships, her actions can speak louder than her words. Inspired to be the best version of herself, Rommi doesn’t believe in comfort zones, she pushes past them because she trusts her talents and her teachers to rise to any challenge.


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