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All communities, organisations and schools have their unique culture, purpose and identity. It is important in the turmoil and busyness of daily life that we do not lose focus on who are as a school. As such, at the start of each year, I like to remind our community of the three pillars on which our school is built; FOR GREATNESS, FOR EXCELLENCE, FOR CHRIST.  Today, I turn our focus upon the second of the school’s three pillars.

In learning, living and striving For Excellence we seek to empower our community to aspire, learn and work to achieve their full potential. In doing so we take inspiration from Paul’s words to the Colossians: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people.” The pursuit of excellence seeks to honour God and others through rigour and a commitment to high quality outcomes and best practice, together with reflection and evaluation that leads to improvement, both individually and corporately.

Excellence is not about being perfect or faultless or having unreasonable expectations; nor is it about vanity or the accumulation of accolades. Rather, it promotes a positive growth mindset that we can all improve, live, learn and work at our best, setting high expectations and encouraging self-belief and confidence that helps us push through our comfort zones into new understandings and ways of being. Such a mindset views mistakes and hardships as opportunities for development and to increase learning, nurture gifts and fulfil potential.

We seek for members of our community to establish high standards and aspire to do and be better while inspiring others to do the same. At OFG, we want all things to be done well, with conviction, passion and commitment.

Dr Downey